About Full Circle Services, Inc.

Full Circle Services, Inc. is an Oklahoma corporation which was formed in 1989. Its principle shareholder is John F. Maley, a longtime resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mr. Maley has been involved in asset recovery since 1987, having previously owned half interest in JMAR Services, the pioneer in State Treasury Research. His direct involvement in this industry has resulted in client recoveries totaling more than 25 million dollars.

We operate in a very specific area within which our service and expertise have proven valuable. Full Circle is not involved in the research of bankruptcy proceedings, wills or trusts, nor do we gain our information from the various states' Abandoned Property Listings.

Mr. Maley's background provides the platform for Full Circle Services' expertise. As president, he has developed recovery programs which emphasize one central objective: effective and reliable recovery results for our clients.

Should you require additional information regarding Full Circle Services, please contact us at info@fullcircleinc.com. You may also wish to contact the Better Business Bureau, at 918-492-1266, for further information.